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Awards & Accolades

People are saying all kinds of nice things about us! They are noticing our efforts, and we are being honored for excellence. So naturally, like a bird with bright plumage, we want to show that off...



2013 Editor's Choice 2013 Editors' Choice

BEST COLUMBIA & SNAKE RIVERS CRUISE! Critics agree - cruising aboard the S.S. Legacy to see this gorgeous region of the USA is the BEST WAY! Not only that, but our included excursions make this a big value over other cruise lines. We're tickled pink that we won this 2013 Editors' Choice Award.


American Maritime Safety Award 2013 Passenger Vessel Safety Award

What an honor!  We have been awarded by the American Maritime Safety Advisory Committee for recognition of implementation of best-practice systems and programs that contribute to the overall safety of passengers and crewmembers.


2013 Travel Weekly Gold Magellan Award 2013 Travel Weekly Magellan Gold Award

AWARD-WINNING SMALL CRUISE SHIPS!  For the second year in a row, the Un-Cruise Adventures Active Adventures fleet of expedition vessels have been recognized as best in the category of small cruise ships under 500 passengers. And this time we struck gold!


2013 Travel Weekly Silver Magellan Award 2013 Travel Weekly Magellan Silver Award

AWARD-WINNING VIDEO!  Another one of our Active Adventure videos has been recognized as a winner! “A Week Aboard the Wilderness Explorer in Alaska,” with footage captured by by videographer Weston Walker-Knoblich, has garnered the silver. Very splendid indeed.


Travel Weekly Gold Magellan Award 2012 Travel Weekly Magellan Gold Award

AWARD-WINNING VIDEO!  View our Active Adventure winning video aboard our Wilderness expedition vessels in Southeast Alaska. We had fun making it and it'll have you wanting to be there too!


Travel Weekly Silver Magellan 2012 Travel Weekly Magellan Silver Award

AWARD-WINNING EXPEDITION VESSELS!  Yes! The Un-Cruise Adventures (formerly InnerSea Discoveries) expedition vessels have been recognized as top small ships. And we think silver is a lovely color.


2012 Editor's Choice 2012 Editors' Choice

BEST ADVENTURE CRUISE LINE! BEST CASUAL CRUISE EXPERIENCE! MOST RECOMMENDED CRUISE! We love adventure so much we put in in our name; as for relaxing, a casual experience just makes it; but most recommended, well that comes from you. So yes, we are feeling the love. But rest assured we’ll continue living up to these 2012 Editors' Choice honors from We thank you once again.


2011 Editor's Choice Awards 2011 Editors/ Choice

BEST WAY TO SEE ALASKA!  BEST CREW AT SEA!  BEST BREAKFAST AT SEA!  We love Alaska, love our crew, and yes, our breakfast is that good. And we couldn't be more honored to have won this 2011 Editors' Choice Award as our very first reward. So thank you.


Chuck West Award 2012 Chuck West New Pioneer Award

Our fearless leaders Dan Blanchard, CEO, and Tim Jacox, EVP of Sales & Marketing, received this prestigious and coveted award at the 2012 Annual Convention of the Alaska Travel Industry Association.  Read about their surprise receipt on our blog.


2012 VAST Nominee 2012 VAST Nominee

BEST ACTIVE & SPECIALTY TRAVEL PROVIDER!  It sure feels good to be nominated as one-of-the-best by one-of-the-best, Virtuoso's VAST (Virtuoso Active and Specialty Travel). So maybe next time, we'll certainly be trying!

2012 AKontheGo Recognition 2012 AKontheGo Recognition

FAMILY FRIENDLY ALASKA TRAVEL BUSINESS!  We like to play and somehow (I'm just saying) the word got out. We got goosebumps when AKontheGo ( noticed. They get families and really know Alaska.