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Explore Ecuador's historic Quito and cruise the Galápagos Islands

Unquestionably, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Galápagos Islands and Quito’s historic city center, are shining stars of Ecuador and our 9-night inclusive adventure. Wander Quito’s exceptionally preserved Old Town built atop pre-Colombian markets and temples, and as a delightful cherry-on-top, overnight in a late 1800s residence of several former presidents. Arguably the most iconic marine habitat in the world, this destination-of-a-lifetime is filled with exquisite creatures—giant tortoises, red-footed boobies, Darwin’s finches, penguins, Waved Albatross, and rowdy sea lions. Step ashore on eight islands and islets—including the two showcase islands of Española and Genovesa. Hike, snorkel, and kayak discovering the unexpected as Charles Darwin did in 1835.

Ecuador: Galápagos Islands & Quito

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Unequaled Ecuador! Colonial Quito & Galápagos Islands
Roundtrip Quito, Ecuador
9 NightsFebruary-November