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Mexico’s Sea of Cortés

7-night inclusive Sea of Cortés cruise adventures

Our inclusive 7-night island-hopping adventure cruises in Mexico’s Sea of Cortés showcase a world of raw beauty, active adventure, authentic culture, and wildlife—sea turtles, boobies, pelicans, frigate birds, blue whales, gray whales, orca, humpback, pilot and fin whales, whale sharks, dolphins, mantas, and sea lions. Kayak in coastal mangroves and glassy coves. Hike along cactus-clad rims and among desert scrub. Snorkel alongside playful sea lions and colorful invertebrates. And in a picturesque setting of red rock cliffs, discover a centuries-old town or relax on a white-sand beach. Explore this extraordinary place and discover firsthand how small the human presence here truly is.


  • Save $300 per couple on November 2014 - March 2015 departures! Book by December 30, 2014. (excludes the December 20 & 27 holiday departures)
Mexico's Sea of Cortés

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Baja's Bounty! Whale Sharks, Whales & Mobulas
Roundtrip San José del Cabo, BCS
7 nightsNovember-March
2015, 2016
Cousteau's Aquarium of the World
Roundtrip San José del Cabo, BCS
7 nightsNovember-December