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Our Mission & Philosophy

Un-Cruise Adventures was born out of a desire to offer small group, hands-on explorations in some of the most inspiring places in the Americas. With a constant eye on treading lightly, our small boats and yachts introduce adventurers to places, encounters, and activities sure to leave a lasting impression in each person’s life.


Depending on your vessel and destination, most activities are included. We believe it’s important to get out and explore nature and local communities by hiking through secluded forest or desert trails, walking on a glacier, kayaking in a secluded cove or taking a skiff ride to explore the shoreline and spot wildlife, or spending time with locals learning about their way of life.


We understand that ecosystems are fragile, yet important, environments. With profound respect and admiration, we gain a renewed spirit about how amazing nature and its wild inhabitants can be on every journey. And we know first-hand the impact our adventures have on sustaining local communities.


Mission Statement: To provide our guests an enriching adventure travel experience and inspire an appreciation of local cultures and the natural world.


One of the key components of our company’s mission statement is to actively promote environmental protection through education, actions and initiatives that promote responsible travel. We are members of Sustainable Travel International, which focuses on responsible travel and ecotourism.


Small group travel is the heart of what we do. Our boats serve as your platform in Alaska, the Hawaiian Islands, Mexico’s Sea of Cortés, Columbia & Snake Rivers, and Coastal Washington & British Columbia. Expert Captains and guides lead you on adventure—trekking into forests and engaging in local communities; kayaking and skiff rides through serene wilderness; exploring along shore and searching for wildlife. Filled with unspoiled encounters, they focus on activities and excursions that complement the wilderness, wildlife and culture in each destination—to change the way you see the world.