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River Cruises

Unfolding History on a River Cruise

Traveling nearly 1,000 miles upriver and down, our generously inclusive river cruises provide the best value available on the Columbia, Snake, and Willamette Rivers. Included shore excursions, a complimentary massage, wellness program, spirits and beverages, onboard historians, living history programs, visits to boutique wineries, exclusive one-on-one interactions with locals, port fees and taxes, no long lines or hours on a bus, and you’re never far from the riverbank. While exploring the cultural traditions, unspoiled lands, and the history and evolution of life along the rivers, you’ll enjoy a stimulating heritage voyage of colorful places and fascinating people.

Traveling aboard our 88-guest replica turn-of-the-century steamer—a style of vessel that has been on these rivers for over 100 years—offers you the conveniences of today with the feel of yesteryear. Enjoy the old-world charm of our newly-refurbished: S.S. Legacy

Period Uniforms

Culture & History Matters

There’s no actual time travel involved, however, you will transcend the modern era to relive days of yore on an unparalleled voyage—unmatched by any other cruise line. Learn and feel the spirit of an illustrious past through included exhibits ashore, onboard programming, and your heritage team in period uniforms, where stories of yesteryear come to life along the historic routes taken by those who came before.

Sailing aboard the S.S. Legacy, period décor defines an atmosphere as elegant and refined as the era. High-quality service and modern amenities provide extra pampering. And after a day of touring, you can sip an evening cocktail with newfound friends, relax in the on-deck hot tub, or enjoy your complimentary massage.

Activities may include:

  • Engaging land excursions at port offer easy access to tours
  • Included premium tours to museums, historic sites, and natural areas
  • Delve into history through folk art and historical personalities
  • Entertaining performances by onboard team and guest musicians
  • Educational presentations by onboard and local historians
  • Local residents share their stories
  • Tours and tastings at boutique wineries
  • Sustainable gourmet cuisine features foods from the region
  • Over 15 years of operation and expertise on these rivers

There are many tales to be told along the rivers—in historic ports steeped in legend and fact; on tours that guide you through time; during visits with locals who unfold the past; and with characters of yore who share their stories. With backgrounds in American history, your onboard guides lead you on an exploration of the most extraordinary and significant periods of the region, making your journey memorable in unimaginable ways.

Wine Tasting
Transiting Locks